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Title: British Airways Face of Opportunity Contest Winner
Detail: “June Klein’s winning story is inspiring and our hope is that this award program is a powerful catalyst in ensuring lasting and fruitful business for Technology & Marketing Ventures,” said Simon Talling-Smith, Executive Vice President, British Airways.

Title: British Airways Global Entrepreneur in London
Detail: June Klein’s Plans for London face-to-face visits- Oxford Flyer link

Title: Ira Klein Tax Benefit Exchange London
Detail: Monetizing unused depreciation deductions for small businesses.- Oxford Proposal link

Title: Oprah channel Interview at London Global Entrepreneurs Event
Detail:Face-to-face meetings are critical to expanding small businesses

Title: June Klein Businessperson of the Year Award Ceremony Washington DC Award & Congressional Tax Summit 2004
Detail: Education Recommendation to create oversight board to reallocate gov’t training budget for IT jobs that actually exist and foster lifetime employability; Solutions to deficit reduction and tax reform.


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