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email, wordpress, linkedin group, lotus notes, quckbase, tiki wiki forum, microsoft online, google apps are solutions that fall short for one reason or another. For, I wanted to include a widespread, inexpensive way of interacting with various people around the globe for the following purposes: (1) my trip as a winner of British Airways’ contest; (2) follow-through with Oxford Internet Institute academic-business-government partnerships; (3) Wikileaks Panel for Oxford Internet Institute Symposium; (4) International Journal of Communications Systems Journal accepted articles.

I think that not understanding the differences between different platforms can lead to unintended and inefficient communications.

Email was the “killer app” a decade ago when boomer parents wanted to communicate with their children in college. Email is assumed to be private, so my test using this wordpress site showed it didn’t work when adding onto either wordpress or tikiwiki as a backgrounder.

WordPress should be a fifth estate application because it is a widespread, easy to use platform for public sharing with a reasonable calendar. Yet, what I found is it is best for one person publishing public blogs and articles. More specifically, wordpress is for experts publishing their knowledge and passing it on to readers/other experts to include their comments.

So, I am thinking that I should move any collaboration on this wordpress site onto tiki since it is more for collaborating amongst experts to experts with readers.

Tiki Wiki Articles is where I put my solutions to jumpstarting the economy and creating jobs. TikiWiki Forum is a place where public people pick their name and discuss whatever openly all the time. So I created this under . It is only accessible if someone logs on and then there are permissions set that are not doable under wordpress nor under regular wiki. Yet it is not all pulled together like my previous integrated business solutions.

Electronic-Boardroom TMVi(r) Solutions for Boards of Directors was launched by Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. in 1997 at Oxford University’s International Conference on Social Values. It is not widespread for free and requires a seasoned administrator for changes and training. Compliance with Sarbanes Oxley’s Whistleblower process is handled by an independent hotline and its effectiveness is less than perfect. A refreshing aspect of WikiLeaks is a new definition of “maturity” in which manipulations are just not acceptable. Yet, there is Murphy’s Law and everyone needs to take responsibility for addressing unexpected phenomenons. Since there are right ways and wrong ways to handle an embarrassing data breach, built into the solution is a professional response team who has handled these type of situations. This brings us to the lack of delivery sytems that would enable WikiLeaks to be more effective.

Many government officials were embarassed by their inept handling of the data breach. There are many things we can learn from wikileaks. Amongst them is the reality that there are no completely secure systems. In th 1970s, Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun said, “there is no privacy, get over it.” Wikileaks is evidence of that.

Today, Wikileaks is part of a double edged sword. I think it is a sympton of a problem, not the problem. I don’t think a lot of children thinking about their career said “when I grow up I want to be a whistle-blower.” Yet how else but the fifth estate, could wikileaks content get noticed? So, the problem is there is no existing backend solution that logically works to force a reaction. Yes, there are lots of venting tools and with the growing anger that is not sufficient. Yes, there are places where issues can be posted but pretty much no one answers them or you get bombarded with fundraising requests and spam. That is why we created to get out our job solution.
I am looking for a positive, balanced solution to Fifth Estate communications.
I welcome your thoughts on this.


About June Klein

June Klein is CEO of Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc and creator of Electronic-BoardroomTMVi(r) Solutions for consulting, education, networking, database, TV & newsletter. TMVi formulates and executes strategies that change the competitive landscape. They have changed the game for electronic governance, trading, inheritance & lifestyles. Current focus is on electronic media and solutions through megatrend and distributed public expertise integrated solutions for the economy and jobs. Prior to founding TMVi, June Klein held executive positions at IBM, Wang, Citigroup, JPMorganChase, Merrill Lynch, Federal Reserve. She has an MBA in finance/marketing from NYU Stern, BS in math/education from BU, Advanced Tech Certificate from IBM Systems Research Institute, CDP from Institute Computer Professionals, Certificates from Corporate Governance Institutes.
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