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June Klein’s Timeline Re: 5th Estate Megatrend 2020 –
                         affecting governments, societies, economies & financial markets

2007: Presented at Oxford’s Social Values Conference: Electronic-BoardroomTMVi(r) Solution of Information Auditing for Corporate Governance. TMVi Due-diligence process identified Enron’s fall before the scandal. This morphed into Sarbanes Oxley, the need for improved ways of collecting/assessing/recapping diverse info empowered by a single person with access to the internet, and the creation of the first Internet Institute housed at Oxford University.
2009: Identified/Sponsored Oxford Internet Institute’s Director’s Research on The Fifth Estate. The Higher Education Funding Council for England provided matching funds for June Klein’s gifts. Research Overview
2010: June won British Airways Face of Opportunity Contest. She used her travel rewards to collaborate at SAID & OII on Fifth Estate Distributed Public Expertise Model: How to Jumpstart the American Economy and Create American Jobs
2012: Symposium paper hit the Social Science Research Network’s top 5 of all downloaded, peer-reviewed research. Scroll down this page to read the abstract.
2013: At Fortune’s Brainstorm Conference, I posed my question on how curious it was that the UK & people all around the world clearly understood the-5th-estate.com impacts. Yet, no one in the USA knew what it was. Stephanie Mehta who ‘got it’ and is now at Variety, repeated my question at the main discussion and there was radio silence.
2014 – 2017: Examples of filling in the gap between where research ends and matching with real world problems and creating solutions.
2017: At 3 premiere events with major newspaper journalists, there was dissatisfaction with FAKE news but a lack of understanding of a newly evolved communications world and they did not know that media was called the 4th estate.

Current Focus: Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. uses
TMVi proven methodology to objectively assess the DNA of firms,
create a custom strategy monitored by a real-time dashboard (scroll down for cybersecurity dashboard) and catapult the firm’s ROI. EmpowernatorJune’s Techopolis series empowers you by creating tech explainers that matter in your life. Least skilled internet users who do not have practical search habits are vulnerable to fake news, filter bubbles (web personalization algorithms), and echo chambers online (ideas reinforced by communicating/repeating inside a closed system).

Core Concepts
Socio-cultural reference to groupings of alien viewpoints during eras.
1st:    Clergy
2nd: Nobility
3rd: Commoners
4th: Traditional Media- Press, TV, Radio, Newspapers

5th: Networked Individuals enabled by the internet and web-based technologies with a power to hold other 4 estates accountable. On the internet, 5th estate includes citizen bloggers, non-mainstream media journalists and social media but it also includes underground newspapers, pirate radio, public-access TV and non-profits. As many readers are not distinguishing between truth and participatory experiences, there is some movement toward Private Journalism with marketing branded, thought leadership content created by private companies and aired on a private station.
The Fifth Estate began as the name of a 1965 Detroit underground newspaper.
Non-traditional thinking has advanced toward political change, global security, grassroots movements and policymaking influence.
Scroll down for more 5th estate insights and resources.
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5th Estate Megatrend, Movements, Communications, CYBERSECURITY.

Access to realtime cybersecurity information, free Cyber Planning ebook for small biz and free lite government cybersecurity software.

Simplifying/organizing Cybersecurity so average people & global entities can be social, safe & smart. Awareness of media headline cyber attacks lurking in social computing dictate cyber hygiene steps to protect your info life:beware act#s,links,popups Email June Klein

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June’s Media Lab Blueprint
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Marketplace PushedMarketplace Pushed 2
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Tbe frequently asked_questions

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~ Electronic Venture Game Changers Series
~ Info for Manhattan Chamber of Congress, Senator Gillibrand & Crain’s NY Business

Oxford Said Leadership Talk & British Airways Global Entrepreneurs London Conference:
~ Oxford Said Flyer 2/9/11: Crowdsourcing Feedback Formula for Public Policy Initiatives
~ 14 page Presentation Handout: Tax Benefit Exchange

CAMPAIGN SIGN-UP LIST: To reach House Ways & Means Committee & Chancellor of Exchequer Office to get private capital for small businesses
~ Email jklein@tmv.com with Name, Email Address, Phone#, Affiliation, Title, Group: Oxford Said/Oxford Internet/BA Global Entrepreneurs/British Airways Corporate ————————————————————————————————————————————–
~ Electronic-Boardroom TMVi® Solutions are focused on thePolicy level of Television, Education, Network, Newsletter, Database and Consulting   businesses.

Strategy Formulation level of these businesses is the focus of The Fifth Estate.
  The 5th estate is a megatrend ignited by the communications spectrum that drives   accountability. The 5th estate today is what the internet was 10 years ago.

~ Strategy Execution level of Electronic-Boardroom TMVi® Policies is the focus of
   Distributed Public Expertise.
  dpe.electronic-boardroom.com is the focal point for ventures that change the game.

the-5th-estate.com is the concierge to the seachange upon us sm
(eg. distributed public expertise and job crisis, collaborative openness and network protection, freedom of expression and wikileaks, privacy control and cloud computing, …)
TMVi Fifth Estate Definitions
~ the megatrend through 2020 where the unimaginable is fast becoming a reality. This is analagous to what the internet was 10 years ago.
~ Communications spectrum that drives accountability.
~ A strategic research project of OII sponsored since 2009 by TMVi.
~ “Networked You” enabled by the internet in ways that hold entities accountable (OII).
~ Canada’s premiere investigatives series.
~ The name of the original DIY 60’s Rock & Roll band that has just been revived.
William Dutton’s Definition
~ “The Fifth Estate is not simply the blogging community, nor an extension of the media, but ‘networked individuals and institutions’ enabled by the Internet in ways that can hold the other estates accountable.”
Wikipedia Definitions no fixed meaning… but refers to various classes… new media like blogging that is different from traditional journalism or press.

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~ Trademark Uses Policy

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    Trivia Questions for Cybersecurity Experts: (a) Do you know the most common infrastructure device to fail during an attack on a business’ availability?

    (b) How would you respond if you experienced an Application Layer 7 security attack?

    (c) Are you familiar with legitimate attack vectors for volumetric attacks?

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    Cybersecurity Trivia Q&A for all: (Q1) What does the “A” in CIA stand for? (“C” is confidentiality and “I” is integrity). CIA is Not a mysterious American agency. (A1) “A” stands for availability. Some in security industry think that if site is “unavailable” you are secure. As millions of corporations have found out, that is not true.

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    Cyber privacy Trivia Q&A for all: (Q2) Which U.S. Representatives are not fans of a cybersecurity bill moving through the House (as of 4/27/12)? (A2) Ed Markey and Bill Keating.

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    Cybersecurity Trivia: (Q3) What does US Cybersecurity Czar do? (A3)Orchestrate/integrate the government’s cyber policies; Work with Office of Management & Budget to make sure federal agencies have the necessary funds to deal with cybersecurity issues; Coordinate the response to a major computer incident or attack.

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